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Scholastic Solutions

Creative Solutions for
Scholastic Struggles

Areas of Study


Reading Struggles

Is your student...

-bright, yet unable to read or write at grade level

-a verbal learner

-good at hands-on activities

-diagnosed with dyslexia

Does your student...

-“not try hard enough”

-have difficulty attending to task

-say they feel “dumb”

-have difficulty spelling

-avoid reading out loud

-learn best when material read to them

Comprehension Struggles

Does your student...

-read accurately, but unable to summarize or answer questions

-difficulty with critical thinking 

-have difficult retrieving words, “it’s on the tip of my tongue”

-have difficulty understanding what they hear

-have difficulty understanding humor

-have difficulty with changes or transitions 

-have difficulty following directions

-social interaction does not come easily

-better understanding facts rather than concepts

Math Struggles

Does your student...

Think math is the worst? 

Fall behind classmates? 

Have trouble solving story problems?

Struggle understanding math concepts? 

Homework Struggles

Does your student...

Take hours and hours to complete homework assignments?

Need assistance understanding the assignments they bring home?